The Legend: David Furie

Grandmaster Dr. David Fury is a tenth degree black belt/dan, a retired Secret Service Operative, and a former member of the military’s elite Special Forces unit. He became a free fighting World’s Champion and an International Combat Martial Arts Master.
He is today’s symbol of the modern superhero.
Grandmaster Dr. David Furie

The ultimate fighter has come to the USA, and is here to share his secrets of martial arts in his new fighting system—the Fury system.
Grandmaster Dr. David Furie has served in Special Forces, earned the rank of 10th dan (the highest degree black belt any human can achieve) and was a fighting champion by age 15.
Grandmaster Dr. David Furie is a martial arts mixed combat fighter who possesses superior fighting skills—skills that approach superhuman abilities.
A real-life superhero. Martial artist champion. Special Forces Operative. 10th degree black belt. Grandmaster Dr. David Fury redefines what it means to be a fighter, and represents the evolution of the modern warrior.
Now he is here to share his secrets with the world.
His training strengthens not only your physical strength and stamina, but your emotional and mental capabilities as well. Hancho O’ Sensei David Furie will teach you not just hand-to-hand self-defense, but mixed combat martial arts too. Hand-to-hand as well combat training, to teach you self-defense against any opponent, whether you face fists, firearms or any other kind of weapon or tactic.

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